Node.JS Training in Chennai

Best Node.JS Training in Chennai

Node.JS is essentially an extension of the JavaScript programming for server-side programming. Through the Node.JS features JavaScript can be now be applied for the development of the entire website i.e., both front end and back end. Developers can create the server-side applications with Node.JS and eventually get it published with Node.JS. Learn this powerful JavaScript-driven concept from the best Node.JS training in Chennai.

Overview of Node.JS

Node.JS is a server-side platform. It is developed on Google’s JavaScript Engine known as V8 Engine. It is an open-source runtime environment for forming server-side and networking applications. This cross-platform application is written in JavaScript. Besides, it can be run within the Node.JS runtime on Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. Node.JS also offers a rich library of several JavaScript modules which eases the development of web applications applying Node.JS to a considerable extent. Get to know all these and much more from the career-oriented Node.JS training in Chennai at Sofllogic. We prefer to enhance the knowledge of the students by focusing on practical hands-on sessions. Moreover, the batch sizes are limited to not more than four students per batch to give personalized attention to the students.

Advantages of Node.JS

  • Developers like to write both front end and back end of the web applications with Node.JS’s runtime environment. There is no requirement to make use of a separate server-side programming language.
  • Since Node.JS uses JS in the back-end, you can implement the codes very swiftly.
  • Node Package Manager consists of a plethora of standalone tools and modules for downloading. It allows you to control the dependencies of the project’s tools.
  • You can depend on the event-driven architecture of Node.JS if your work is to generate a real-time web app that is filled with games and chat options.
  • Companies will find it a hassle-free process to make the best use of web apps with Node.JS. This is because of the support of the server and the web browser.
  • Node.JS provides several options, including call-back methods and event loops to take care of multiple concurrent clients. This can assist eliminate the wait time in the server’s processes.

Get the Best of Data Streaming with Node.JS

Several developers consider HTTP request and response to be two separate events. However, they are simply data streams. Node.JS makes use of this to the fullest by forming some attributes, including each file whenever they are uploaded. This decreases the entire processing duration when the data is obtained as streams. It is specifically helpful when used for real-time A/V recording.

Prerequisites for Node.JS Training in Chennai

  • Adequate knowledge of JavaScript and HTML
  • Who can attend the Node.JS classes in Chennai?
  • Web developers, architects, and team leaders who have an understanding of JavaScript can attend this course.

Scope of Node.JS

  • Node.JS is creating buzz nowadays. This is a massive possibility that developers can build scalable web applications in the real-time environment. Due to its data streaming capability, the developers can modify or include features in real time without spending a lot on processing time. The event-driven architecture and non-blocking functionality make it the most preferred back-end framework.
  • Investing in Node.JS and JavaScript programming skills is needed for web development. If you blend Node.JS with another popular framework, including Vue or React, then it can also be a right choice for developers.
  • One of the primary reasons behind the increasing demand for Node.Js developers is the rising popularity of products that function excellently when created with Node, especially real-time applications with profound I/O. These may comprise:
  • Social networks, instant messaging, live chats, forums, gaming apps, data-rich IoT devices and applications, project management tools, broadcasting video, and audio, etc.

Why Professionals Shift to Node.JS?

  • The evolving popularity of products best developed with Node.JS-data –rich, real-time IoT devices and applications.
  • The business benefits of Node.JS including performance and scalability
  • The ease of applying a single language for both front-end and back-end

Node.JS Syllabus

The syllabus for Node.JS training in Chennai is prepared diligently, keeping in mind the industry requirements. It is both fresh and best.

  • Introduction
  • Environment Setup
  • Node Package Manager
  • Callbacks
  • Events and Event Loop
  • Streams and Buffers
  • Express Framework
  • Introduction to MongoDb
  • Connecting Node.js to Database
  • Mongoose Module
  • Creating Rest APIs

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