DevOps Training in Chennai

Best DevOps Training in Chennai

This is a fast-paced environment, and present applications must regularly be updated at an increasing momentum. Besides, problems take place between developers and operational teams. But the DevOps approach can solve this issue. Well, what exactly is DevOps? How will this culture enhance your career? Why is it called culture or philosophy? To know about this and more, enroll in the best DevOps training institute in Chennai.

What Is DevOps?

You would be wondering what this DevOps concept is all about. This curiosity is natural since DevOps is one of the most happening trends in the present scenario. DevOps is not to be misunderstood as a methodology or framework, but it is a set of principles to break down silos. To know what is silos in DevOps culture, and embracing of organizations to this cultural change, enroll in the DevOps course in Chennai.

To delve into DevOps, it can be considered as a set of engineering practices which assists in automating the processes within software development teams. It can also be regarded as the blend of several tools and practices which are joined together to raise a company’s software delivery rate. DevOps functions as an intermediary between technology and humans solving the gap. The DevOps training in Chennai at Aimore Technologies is exclusively structured to make you understand the concept of DevOps in a simple manner. The hands-on practical training sessions, limited batch sizes, and individual attention is the highlight of DevOps certification in Chennai.

Benefits of DevOps

• The practice of DevOps principles is advantageous for the performance of software development and operations.

• The total recovery rate during the time of release is maintained or enhanced by the processes engaged in DevOps.

• There is a decrease in the failure rate of new software product releases by using DevOps.

• DevOps is a great inspiration for any type of business. It is also cost-effective, and small businesses can gain from it.

• DevOps ascertains that the issues are found out and fixed quickly.

• There is a seamless collaboration between developers and operators. Employees with diverse skillsets work together without any friction.

• DevOps ascertains security and reduces risk due to the bringing in of specific secured aspects in SDLC. There is a decrease in the number of defects related to the product.

• Development is carried out through short software development cycles through DevOps. The collaboration between several teams enables increased production rates.

• When there are such benefits as listed above, it results in the best quality end product. This raises customer satisfaction. To sharpen your skills in DevOps, enroll in the DevOps classes in Chennai.

The Demand of DevOps in the present scenario

Companies need DevOps engineers to a great extent. This is because they should develop high-quality applications as fast as they can and not to lag in the competition. They can also build innovative solutions to take care of business challenges rapidly and continuously. So to meet the requirements of the organizations, and to take your career to the next level, enroll in the best DevOps training in Chennai.

DevOps lifecycle

DevOps is the coordination between development and operations. Various stages of DevOps working together comprise its lifecycle. The stages include:

Continuous Development

Continuous Testing

Continuous Integration

Continuous Deployment

Continuous Monitoring

Prerequisites for DevOps Training in Chennai

Fundamental knowledge of Linux

A fundamental grasp of SDLC

Who can attend the best DevOps Training in Chennai?

Developers and Testing Professionals

Systems Administrators

Support Engineers

Project Managers


DevOps tools

GIT is a version control system assisting you to keep pace with changes in the specific file. You can easily collaborate with the team regarding the work.

Jenkins is a continuous integration tool written in Java. You can apply it for testing and reporting changes. In your role of a developer, you can find and fix bugs in your code quickly using Jenkins.

Selenium is a software testing framework which is portable. It is used for testing web applications. It offers you with a simple interface for developing automated tests.

Docker is a lightweight tool which makes use of a container to pack an application with every requirement and dependencies before shipping the total container as one package.

Puppet is an open-source configuration management tool. It helps automate the method of inspecting, delivering, and operating your software across the total lifecycle together with platform independency.

Chef is a dynamic configuration management automation tool through which you can change infrastructure into code.

Ansible is an open-source DevOps tool which offers you one of the hassle-free ways to automate your apps and IT infrastructures including network configuration, cloud deployment, etc.

Nagios is a monitoring system that lets you and your company to make out and fix IT infrastructure issues.

ELK is a blend of three powerful opensource tools Logastash, Elasticsearch, and Kibana to gather insights out of your logs or data.

Splunk is a software platform to search, evaluate, and visualize the machine-produced data or logs obtained from the websites, applications, etc., which contribute to your IT infrastructure and business.

Future scope of DevOps

DevOps has a great future in the industry. Its unique philosophy and focus on automation is the key to greater efficiency with less labor. The DevOps approach consists of all the features to produce good quality products with higher efficiency.

When teams collaborate, there is a significant shift in mindset. In your role of a developer, though you may be dealing only with code, you have to collaborate with the operations teams to remain relevant and ascertain the best quality. Besides, the operations team can give their best only when they comprehend the developer’s work.

DevOps certifications

DevOps doesn’t deal with just one single tool. A single company does not possess it. It is a practice that comprises multiple tools. Hence there are certifications for every tool separately. Some of the reputed DevOps certifications are:

Certified Jenkins Engineer

System Administration using Puppet

Certified Chef Developer

Docker Certified Associate Level

Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions Certification

AWS certified DevOps Engineer Professional Exam

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