Data Science Training in Chennai

Data Science Training in Chennai

The scale of data sees a significant increase, and there is an urgent need for techniques to gain valuable insights on it. Resultantly, there is a need for professionals with suitable data science skills. Data science training in Chennai is needed for working professionals and freshers keen on a career as a data scientist. To gain comprehensive knowledge of data science, you can join the best data science training institute in Chennai that focuses on hands-on practical sessions and individual attention to every student.

Career opportunities in data science

To handle and evaluate massive datasets applying cutting edge open source tools and rich data analysis algorithms, one has to have sufficient training in data science. Data science is also an excellent way to give wings to your dreams. The demand for data science experts is enormous in all the top industries.

Prerequisites for data science classes in Chennai

  • Statistical analysis and mathematics
  • Programming skills

Who can attend the data science course in Chennai?

  • IT Professionals
  • Data Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Functional Managers
  • Professional who possess logical, mathematical and analytical skills
  • Professionals dealing with Business intelligence, Data Warehousing, and reporting tools
  • Statisticians
  • Economists,
  • Mathematicians
  • Software programmers
  • Six Sigma consultants
  • Freshers belonging to any stream having excellent analytical and logical skills

Importance of data science certification training in Chennai

Data is generated every single moment daily by both big and small companies. However, not every business is harnessing the generated data. This is where the importance of data scientists comes. To perform data evaluation, data scientists apply a statistical approach to data. Data science is undeniably a trending career, and it is expanding steadily because of the value that data science practices provide to the business.

Data science is a broad career, and you can also learn Data science with Python and R. You can evaluate data and then build some great visualization using Python. You can also learn how to apply the practice of data science and the programming language R to change your data into actionable insight.

The job profile of a data scientist is coveted; to know more about the importance of data science, enroll in the best data science training institute in Chennai, which also concentrates on placement assistance.

In the domain of Artificial Intelligence, data science training is invaluable. Most of the organizations today are looking for data scientists who specialize in AI.

Finding opportunities, designing better business goals, and making effective decisions are some of the excellent applications of data science. This is the reason professionals who can evaluate and derive insights from data have become more essential today.

The scope of data science in India comprises companies in healthcare, banking, pharmaceuticals, e-commerce, etc. So looking at the above reasons, we can say that data science is a great career option. Once you get trained from Aimore Technologies, you will be progressing towards a lucrative domain.

Job profiles in data science

There are varied types of roles available within the field of Data Science. The most popular ones include:

Data Scientist

Data scientists engage in comprehending and exploring data patterns to evaluate the impact on businesses. They use statistical and mathematical models to simplify data. Besides evaluating data, they also frame solutions for several data complexities.

Data Engineer

This role is primarily for all software engineers, who are engaged in the non-analytical part of big data. Their work role concentrates more on coding and cleaning up data sets. They also execute suggestions and data resolving that comes from data scientists.

Business Intelligence Professional

This professional is engaged in the market research of several structured and unstructured data and produces reports to evaluate the business trends. They operate on SQL and other statistical tools.


Data Manager

They are engaged in the structuring of data and control of unstructured data. They are responsible for building the infrastructure and database systems that satisfy the needs of research and data science teams for the information collected. They also go through data for inconsistencies and perform maintenance of data.

Data Analyst

These professionals work with vast sums of data. They work with Microsoft Excel, Tableau, etc., to assess several kinds of data. They then build reports to be used to form solutions and carry out strategic decisions. Data drives everything that we perform. In the present scenario, there is a massive demand for skilled and certified data scientists. These professionals have the responsibility of making complex data-driven decisions. If you are passionate about this vast field and are keen on redefining your career, then contact Aimore Technologies.

Data science certifications

Here we list some of the prominent data science certifications:
  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE)
  • Cloudera Certified Professional
  • SAS certified data scientist
  • Certified Analytics professional

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