Blue Prism Training in Chennai

Best Blue Prism Training in Chennai

AiMORE Technologies provides Blue prism training in Chennai to freshers and Working professionals. Learn Robotic Process Automation (RPA) from the Best Blue prism Training Institute in Chennai with the most experienced and Robotic Process Automation training certified expert trainers in the field. In our RPA Blue prism Training in Chennai, aspirants will undergo practical training which increases the commanding skill on the tool. In this training period, candidates will undergo complete real-time experience through practical examples and live projects.

The Blue Prism Training is a course in Chennai which makes the aspirant go through practical training that increases their commanding skills over the tool. During this period of training, candidates go through a thorough real-time experience by ways of practical instances or examples and live projects or assignments. In this particular course, the candidates get a thorough grip on the preparation of their resume via mock interviews and interview preparation.

Syllabus of Blue Prism Course in Chennai

Basic class

RPA Introduction

RPA Future

RPA Tools Explanation

Introduction To Blue Prism

Full Installation of Blue Prism Software with the Server

Blue Prism Architecture

Blue Prism Dashboard

Overview of Blue Prism Modules

Hands On Training For Below Modules:


Process Studio

Object Studio

Control Room

Analytics (Dashboard)

Release Manager

System Manager

Process Studio

Introduction to process studio

Process Creation

Process Flow

Create, Edit, Save, Test, Compare, Delete Process

Open and Executing a Process

Stages Explanation

Decision and Choice

Calculation and multicalc Stage

Data Item

Link and Anchor Stage

Multiple pages and the page reference

Controlling Play

Action Stage

Process Stage

Block, Pointer, Notes stage

Recover, Resume and Exception Stage

Basic Operations

Importing VBOs in Blue Prism

Add and Append Rows To Collection

Basic Excel operation with Blue Prism

File manipulations

Object Studio

Comparison of the process and the object studio

Creating object with below stages

Read Stage

Write Stage

Code Stage

Wait Stage

Navigate Stage

Application Modeler

Local Data Item

Global Data Item

String Operations

Different Spy Modes

Win32 mode

Active Accessibility mode

Region mode

Html mode

UI Automation Mode


Creating Work Queue

Work Queue Features like,

Work Queues – Defer Item

Work Queues – Tag and Tag filter

Work Queues – Priority

Encrypting Work Queues


DATA INPUT (Writing Values) using image and the Co-ordinates method

DATA OUTPUT (Read Values) using OCR and Character Matching Techniques


How to define attributes in application modeler

Inputs and Outputs

Environment Variables

Session Variables

Passing values from process to object studio

Attach and Detach

How to create package and Release

Exception Handling

Exception bubbling

Credential Manager

Encryption Scheme

Multibot Architecture

Setting up Blue Prism run time resource

Global Send Keys

Outlook Mailing

Login agent

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