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Best Azure Training Institute in Chennai

Being a tech enthusiast, you would have heard the importance of Microsoft Azure, that too in this world that is seeing an incredible technological revolution. Being in demand for a long time, this cloud computing platform has gained the attention of enthusiasts specifically with the release of Azure Stack. If you think whether to take up Microsoft Azure training in Chennai, then getting enrolled in Aimore Technologies can be a life-changing decision.

A brief look at Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud-oriented computing services available to developers, businesses, and any person wishing to develop an app or manage an enterprise, without the need of worrying about hardware. It not only gives support to Microsoft specific systems and software but also supports systems formed by other companies. Microsoft Azure certification is one among the most coveted Microsoft certification courses. So join in the best Azure training in Chennai and learn the importance of this cloud-based service.

To delve further, Azure offers SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS capabilities. What are these terms related to? For this, you can contact our educational counselors initially and enroll in the free demo session. Once you join the course, you will get in-depth training covering all the essential concepts of Microsoft Azure.

Advantages of Microsoft Azure

With Azure’s IaaS offerings your company needn’t have to buy, configure, maintain, and set right hardware to run cloud-based workloads. Due to the virtual nature of Azure-based resources, they can’t fail unexpectedly and lead to downtime. Virtual hardware resources have the capability of scaling up or down which a physical hardware cant. To know more about this, you can enroll in the Azure certification and training in Chennai that concentrates on hands-on sessions and small batch sizes.

Azure provides immediate access to services for developing mobile apps, framing IoT devices, associating with online storage and database resources, and making the best use of container technology. Moreover, Microsoft Azure has invested vastly in AI and ML tools for developers.

Pre-requisites for Microsoft Azure training in Chennai

Understanding of a .NET language, preferably C#. Basic knowledge of computer systems, database, Virtual Machines, development, and networking.

Who should attend Microsoft Azure Training?

Azure training in Chennai is framed for the IT professionals who want to take up a career in Cloud Computing and gain the position of Microsoft Azure Developer expert. This course is best for:

  • IT Professionals
  • .Net Developers
  • Application Developers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Solutions Architects
  • Professionals who are keen on having project experience by migrating to Azure solutions.

Microsoft Azure certifications

The need for cloud services is proliferating; hence, getting trained from the best cloud computing training in Chennai is vital. Azure is a great cloud service provider, and there are several certification paths in it. When you enroll in Aimore technologies, we prepare you for the certifications so that you can apply the knowledge gained from us in the exams.

  • Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals (Fundamentals)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator (Associate)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Developer (Associate)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate (Associate)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associate (Associate)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect (Expert)
  • Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps (Expert)

The demand of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure provides Microsoft 365, which is a blend of Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Security and Mobility that empowers everyone to be innovative and collaborate securely.

Azure is developed on Windows making it convenient to write applications. This is because it applies the same programming languages that are used for Windows apps, including C#, C++, etc. This makes the recruiting process of the companies a smooth sail.

The Azure platform is scalable, secure, and offers performance-competent storage services in the cloud.

Jumpstart your career with best Azure training in Chennai

In this technologically advanced world, there is a great need to stay tuned with the professional training programs in Microsoft or any other platform that paves the way to a better career. A candidate who is well-versed in Azure is regarded as a Microsoft professional who can quickly move up the hierarchy. So it’s the right time that you enroll in the best Azure training institute in Chennai and take your career to a different level. At Aimore technologies, we know that the candidates’ look even for placement support and hence concentrate on the same. Our syllabus is prepared according to the industry standards, and it helps you prepare for the interviews with ease.

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