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Dot Net Training in Chennai

Prepare for a glorious future with Aimore’s Dot Net courses in Chennai. Get your career off to a great start with our guidance.
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Aimore’s Dot Net Training - An Overview

.NET is one of the most widely used open-source cross-platforms for app development. The platform opens access to a wide array of libraries, editors, and languages to design and develop functional web services.

Aimore Technologies, the best software training institute in Chennai offers Dot Net training with theoretical and practical courses. Most IT courses are based on practical training, but all IT companies want their employees to have an in-depth knowledge of the subject they are working on with a proper theoretical background. So, it’s necessary to get both kinds of training in one place to make sure you get the job you want as soon as possible.

Our Dot Net training covers basic OOPs concepts, ADO.NET frameworks, SQL Server database, ASP.NET, and C# programming. Our certification carries immense value and showcases your training and industry-oriented skills during interviews with top companies.

If you’re looking for a good career option with great potential, Dot Net is a great choice. With Dot Net training in Chennai from Aimore Technologies, you’ll learn to develop .net apps from scratch.

Our .NET Course in Chennai: Top Highlights

Practical Experience
Extensive hands-on experience with an assured 100% placement at top MNCs.
Lab Sessions
Data analytics certification training to offer practical experience through lab sessions that simulate real-world scenarios.
Accredited Instructors
Direct or online classes to build your technical skills and learn best practices from an instructor who is accredited in the field.
Recognised Credentials
Industry-recognised credentials via online or direct proctoring to validate your Data Analytics skills and enhance your credibility.
Personalised Learning
Customised learning plan that caters to a particular job role or domain of your choice.
Intensive Coaching
55 hours of instructor-led training to help you learn the course at your convenient pace.
Full-on Assistance
Direct sessions with .NET experts to resolve your doubts and gain a better understanding of the concepts.
Unlimited Access
Freedom to attend as many sessions as you want for a lifetime of learning with Aimore.

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Get the Aimore Advantage

Aimore’s .NET training in Chennai helps you breeze through the course with personalised, hands-on learning.

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Aimore’s .NET Training: Eligibility Criteria

To be an eligible candidate for Aimore's .NET Training, you are expected to possess a basic comprehension of computer programming concepts. There's no prerequisite for prior .NET experience, making our course accessible for beginners and seasoned programmers alike.

While no previous .NET knowledge is demanded, familiarity with object-oriented languages can be beneficial. If you have prior experience with languages like Java, C++, or Python, it could provide a useful foundation for our .NET training. Regardless, our course is designed to be comprehensive and self-contained, making it suitable for a wide range of learners.

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Our Dot Net Curriculum

  • Overview of .Net Framework
  • Understanding CLR, CLS, and CTS
  • Compilation procedure in .Net
  • Discussion on Assemblies and Versioning
  • C# Language Structure
  • Working with Data Types, Variables, and Operators
  • Implementing Conditional Statements and Looping Mechanisms
  • Introduction to Garbage Collection and Finalisation
  • Addressing Errors and Exception Management
  • Defining Classes and Objects
  • Importance of Abstract Classes and Interfaces
  • Role of Constructors and Destructors
  • Introduction to Structures and Enumerations
  • Boxing and Unboxing Concepts
  • Encapsulation Mechanisms
  • Hierarchical Inheritance
  • Role of Polymorphism
  • Data Abstraction Techniques
  • Introduction to Namespace and Nested Namespace
  • Delegates and Event Management
  • Properties, Indexer, and Overloading Indexers
  • Working with Single and Multidimensional Arrays
  • Overview of Collections
  • Introduction to Generic Collections
  • Manipulating Directories and Files
  • Reading and Writing to Files
  • Remoting and Reflection in .NET
  • Application Domain Overview
  • Basics of SQL Server
  • Implementing DML and DDL Functions
  • Understanding Joins and Views
  • SQL Server Functions and Stored Procedures
  • Role of Triggers and Cursors
  • ADO.NET Overview
  • Differentiating Connected and Disconnected Architecture
  • Working with Data Connection and Command Objects
  • Utilising Data Adapters and Readers
  • Structure of Datasets and Implementing Data Adapters
  • Execute Non-Query, Reader, and Scalar Operations
  • Basics of Web Programming and Client/Server Technology
  • Understanding the Web Server IIS
  • ASP.NET Page Lifecycle
  • Roles of Global.asax and Web.config
  • Intrinsic Objects in ASP.Net
  • Web Control Classes and Web Forms Applications
  • Image Handling and Page Navigation
  • Managing and Implementing Server Controls
  • Implementing HTML and Data Controls
  • Introduction to Repeater Control
  • Overview of ASP.Net Validation Controls
  • Configuring Validation Mechanisms
  • Techniques for Preserving Web Application State
  • Utilising Cookies and ASP.NET Session State
  • Application State Essentials
  • Creating and Using User Controls
  • Loading User Controls
  • Master Pages: Simple and Nested Types
  • Themes: Creation, Application, and Styling
  • File Uploading Techniques
  • Handling Emails and Attachments
  • Introduction and Utilisation of Web Services in ASP.NET
  • Consuming Third-party Web Services
  • Publishing Web Applications
  • Creating and Configuring a Web Setup Project
Incredible Benefits of

Aimore’s .NET Certification

App Development
Helps you learn to develop a wide range of applications for web to mobile to Windows-based applications and test it as well.
Hands-On Projects
You will get in-depth knowledge in developing .net apps from scratch with real-time live projects.
Tool & Tech Usage
You will be able to understand how to use the various tools and technologies involved in the development process.
Architectural Knowledge
You will also gain an understanding of the different architectures used in .Net development.
Troubleshooting Expertise
Our course will teach you how to troubleshoot and debug your applications.
Job Placements
After course completion, you can get 100% placement in a good company.
Affordable Fees
Aimore Technologies provides the Best Dot net training with a reasonable fee structure.
Personalised Training
We offer one-on-one personal attention during all the sessions so that you can ask queries anytime without feeling shy or embarrassed.
Flexible Schedules
We offer flexible timings so that you can learn according to your convenience.

 Want More Info About Our Course?

Want to know about the course duration, fee structure, and syllabus? Feel free to contact us anytime.

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Aimore’s Dot Net Course: FAQs

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